Above you will find videos made at or about Poasttown Elementary School.
Please note that Poasttown School cannot certify the validity of any evidence submitted to us by Paranormal Groups.
We assume that the evidence gathered is legit and we trust that the groups have captured legitimate evidence.




The following audio clips were captured by Professional Paranormal Investigations on their investigations 9/19/15 & 10/7/15

Sarah's Stairwell Scream 

Second Floor Hallway off Sarah's Stairwell Voice 

Lower Level Stairwell "Liar" 

Storage Closet "No" "No" 

Principal's Office Voice 

Storage Closet Voice 

Stairwell - Carnival Music - Not heard at all by Investigator taking pixs 

Second Floor Hallway - Sounds Like Singing 

Principal's Hallway - Little Girl saying "Hi" 

Second Floor Hallway Voice "Yeah" 


Photo taken by Deb Hoffman on 8.10.13. GREAT pic!

Poasttown Photo Evidence

Photo taken by PSI in the "Mean Teachers Room"

Poasttown Photo Evidence

Photo taken by AGH on Dec. 17th, 2012. This was one of a series of 3 shots.
This is not a person..it is one of the spirits at Poasttown reaching down to touch the devices. Incredible shot!!

Poasttown Photo Evidence

The following photographs were captured by Professional Paranormal Investigations on their investigation on 10/7/15

While taking the photos by the Nurse's Office on the second floor. Camera was using a bright white LED light (which stayed on entire time)
as well as the camera flash which went off each and every time a photo was taken. Notice the few images when there was noting in front of
the camera and how they would come out when this black mass/dark shadow was passing in front. The black mass/dark shadow was witnessed by 3 investigators that
were in that hallway. It would block off vision of anything on the other side of the hallway including the lit exit signs.