Public Tours

At Poasttown Elementary School class is in session...for those no longer living. You do not have to be a paranormal group to investigate here. If you have seven people that would like to investigate the school, all to yourselves we would love to have you. There are times we hold public tours during the day where you can walk through the building and see what the talk is all about at this old haunted school. Your donations help to pay to maintain the school. We replace broken windows, replaster walls and ensure you have a safe and pleasant experience with us.

Poasttown School is a very high EVP capture location. We have had hundreds of teams investigate here that have pulled a multitude of EVPs from their investigations...and the teams come back for more!! Bring your recorders and spirit boxes. You won't be disappointed!!

Poasttown School is 36,500 square feet. There are alot of stairs in the building; please wear appropriate comfortable shoes for your investigation.

During the cooler months in Ohio, you may want to bring jackets to keep you warm. Poasttown School is not heated.

There is a breakroom for you to use that includes a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and A/C - Heat. Please bring whatever juice or water you will need to stay hydrated during your investigation. Bring your favorite snacks too!!

Poasttown is notorious for draining batteries!! Bring plenty with you. There are electrical plugs in the breakroom to use to recharge equipment.

There is electricity throughout the building; if you need to turn on the lights for any reason, please be sure to turn them off when you are done.

Some of the stairwells and hallways are extremely dark. Make sure you have plenty of flashlights with you, and be careful on the stairways.

Please be mindful of where you leave your equipment in the building. Make sure you collect all of your equipment before you leave, and any personal items.

We do have bathrooms for your use, and their locations will be pointed out to you during your walk thru.

We do have some equipment if you would like to rent it for the night...recorders, K2 and more. Inquire whn you get here about renting and prices.

Watch for Open Hunt Investigations periodically The cost for these hunts is only 25.00 per person, paid at the door.

Private Groups

Paranormal Groups come back time and time again to investigate here. They are rarely disappointed with the evidence they gather. Is your group ready to investigate?

Paranormal Groups from around the world have come and investigated the old Poasttown Elementary School here in Middletown, Ohio. Your group will be among the very elite who have had the opportunity to investigate our old haunted school.

We are quite sure you will get plenty of evidence, especially EVPs while you investigate. Keep your recorders running at all times. Beware though as these spirits love to drain your batteries on all of your equipment. Happens almost every investigation.

Poasttown Elementary School has been featured on MY Ghost Story on the BIO Channel, as well as being featured in The Booth Brother's movie Children of the Grave 2, and several internet tv shows. This is one location on your paranormal journey that you do not want to miss!!

YOUR GROUP WILL BE ALONE ON YOUR INVESTIGATION. We will give you a walk thru then you are on your own!!!

You WILL need to have a minimum of 7 investigators (or pay for 7) to investigate here. If you cancel there are NO REFUNDS. The night you book here, prevents another group from being able to investigate that evening. Please do not reserve an evening if you are not sure your group will be attending.

Be sure to check the paranormal pricing page if you are interested in investigating the school. You will be required to send a non-refundable deposit and balance must be paid at least 10 days in advance of your reserved date or you will forfeit your deposit and reservation.

If you plan on doing a public investigation (and not your paranormal team) you must reserve using the event page information. We do allow public investigations by a paranormal group but ONLY under specific conditions. If you do not adhere to this, your people will be turned away at the door.

You can also rent the facility for a Lecture or Meet and Greet with your group or organization. Please see the Event Scheduling page on this website for additional information

Please be sure to read all of the Rules and Regulations for use of Poasttown Elementary School located on this page.

Our Rules

We do not ask a lot of our visitors but there are some rules we ask you to respect for legal and safety concerns:

  • * There are NO REFUNDS issued. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • * NO ONE Under the age of 13 is allowed at any paranormal investigation. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • * If you are between the ago of 13-18 you MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • * Individuals between the ages of 13-18 will behave like adults during the investigation from start to finish. This includes but is not limited to: NO RUNNING, SCREAMING, KNOCKING ON WALLS OR DOORS, RUNNING UP AND DOWN STAIRWELLS, OR GENERALLY DISRUPTING OTHERS DURING THE INVESTIGATION. Anyone that cannot adhere to behaving during an investigation will be removed from the building for the duration of the investigation. This property is for serious investigators and history aficionados. If you are just looking for a place to party this is not for you. - Guests must print, sign and date waiver and rules upon arrival on premises. - Drivers license must be presented to verify name, age upon arrival on premises. - No open or encased flame, of any kind, is allowed in or near the properties. Smoking is only permitted outside the building. ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES EXCEPT IN DESIGNATED AREA. All cigarettes and cigarette ash must be disposed of in provided container(s) only. - No excessive noise. All conversations must be kept to a normal volume and any other form of sound must be kept to a minimum. - No entity cleansing, passing-on rituals of any kind. - No negativecommunication or taunting of spirits. No summoning of bad or negative spirits or energy. - Please refrain from pointing flashlights outside of front windows because this tends to startle passing vehicles. - No littering. Please leave the properties and it's property how you found it or better. - Closed toed athletic shoes or better must be worn at all times. - Do not take anything from premises. - No jumping or running allowed in wither building.
  • * You MUST be in sound physical and mental health to tour the facility. There are many hallways, stairs and walking involved with the facility. We only allow people of a sound mental state in the building.
  • * You will be responsible for any and all damage caused by your group. You damage it you pay for it!
  • * NO OUIJA BOARDS, TABLE TIPPING, SEANCES, CONJURING, CASTING, CLEARING, BINDING, OR PROVOKING WILL BE ALLOWED AT POASTTOWN SCHOOL. The Spirits at Poasttown School usually are more than willing to communicate with investigators. We ask that you show them the utmost respect if they do not communicate with you. If any staff at Poasttown School either catches an individual violating these rules, or if it is brought to our attention we will remove you from the building.
  • * ANYONE EITHER ENTERING POASTTOWN SCHOOL FOR AN INVESTIGATION OR FLASHLIGHT TOUR, OR FOUND DURING THE INVESTIGATION OR FLASHLIGHT TOUR UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE BUILDING. We reserve the right to stop any investigation and have you removed if we catch or fell that this activity taking place. Discrection is solely of the management. Police will be contacted. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS.