As paranormal groups from around the world have learned first hand, when you leave...you believe! Poasttown is never disappointing to any
investigator or team to work its halls and classrooms.


We have had the honor of knowing our caretakers Darrell and Brenda Whisman who work diligently to keep the building clean, fix the roof, fix broken windows
give us a nice breakroom and make our visits to Poasttown something special. But they now need our help...


The Whismans must come up with $125,000.00 by 7/1/18 to keep Poasttown School. They went to school here and they call it their home. But now they need our help and everyone is stepping up to the plate in this time of need.


If you would like to donate money, please click the link below:

NOTE: For every $100 you are donating please consider adding an additional $5.00 since PayPal takes out $5 in fees for every $100 donated

WE HAVE WRISTBANDS AND TEDDY BEARS (they smell like chocolate - seriously!) FOR SALE.

Poasttown Wristband

Poasttown Teddy Bear


Darrell and Brenda Whisman

........when you leave you believe

There are other ways you can help!


Save Poasttown School Fundraiser/ PINK Friends and Family
Saturday March 10, 2018
6600 Trenton Franklin Road, Middletown, Ohio 45042
7:00 pm - 7:am (you may leave before, if desired)

Here is your opportunity to explore the world of paranormal investigation during our Save Poastown School Fundraiser.
Your night will be filled with learning, adventure and exploration! This limited engagement will only be offered to PINK family/friends on Saturday March 10th. The evening will begin with a presentation of amazing video and audio paranormal evidence found at Poasttown school by PINK! After the presentation we will offer a question/answer session along with tips on how to investigate so that when you enter the school you can be a paranormal investigator for the night! Small groups will be lead by PINK members . You can see firsthand the equipment used and techniques developed to record and witness this amazing evidence. This place is truly haunted and one of the most active places PINK has investigated....no doubt, that when you leave, you will believe! If you have a close friend(s) that you would like to invite, gather them up and get signed-up. We will try to limit this evening to 20 - 30 participants. Saturday March 10, 2018. 7:00 pm - 7:00 am (those who want to leave earlier, may do so) $50.00 donation per person, all proceeds go to Poasstown school. First come, first serve, so if interested don't delay your reserved spot! Payments can be made by Paypal, or check.
(Private message to your PINK friend/family for reservation and payment details) Lisa Trump.



Special Announcement:
Purchase both my books for $40 and I will donate the proceeds to the Save Poasttown Fund ... Message Cheryl Lynn Carter on Facebook for Pay Pal information.
Together WE can make a difference!