Evidence from Poasttown School

Darrell and Brenda have lived in the school for 15 years and have had multiple experiences over the years, as you could imagine. The following videos and images are from Darrell and also other investigators that have been here as well. Keep checking back for new evidence as we receive it! 

The video to the left was submitted by Chuck from TRIPS Paranormal. This Audible Voice of a little girl was heard by several people. We believe she is yelling "Hurry Up!" 

The door to our event room has a tendency to open by itself. Each time this door has opened, something physical has happened to Darrell in his home. In the video above you can see the door opening. The photo to the left is a physical result of what happened to Darrell one night after this video was recorded.  

In this video watch the bottom corner of Darrell's bed. You can see his leg get pulled, waking him up, and then pulling him out of the bed. After he starts to get up, you can see what almost appears to be a cat's head and eyes at the top of his bed. 

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